Leather Balsam


Net weight 100g


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Apply to boots, bags, lounges, jackets, driza-bones, timber furniture, terracotta and much more.

Made in Australia for Aussie conditions.

1 pot of Bright’s Natural All Purpose Beeswax will condition, rejuvenate and waterproof when applied to leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic, timber and terra-cotta.
A Pot of Bright’s Natural All Purpose Beeswax is long lasting and economical to use.
It will treat 500 pairs of shoes, 80 leather jackets, 20 leather lounge suites, 50 driza-bones.

Use on leather lounges & vinyl couches.On Shoes, bags belts, boots, jackets, purses, wallets, saddles, driza-bones.


Bright’s Beeswax is made entirely from natural ingredients that breath new life in to old leather skins. It contains Jojoba oil which penetrates and nourishes the leather or vinyl bringing back and highlighting the original colour.

Also relaxes and softens your leather, leaving it supple, preserving its looks and extending its life. Plus it protects and waterproofs your leather using natural beeswax. Contains NO chemicals, lanolin or animal fats.

Bright’s Beeswax should be applied to leather lounges up to 10 years old every 6 months. Shoes every 3 months, belts, bags, wallets and purses every 6 months and jackets seasonal.

Leather or vinyl dash on cars, seats, door handles, back of mirrors, rubber seals, rubber bumpers on cars and protective strips.

Use on vinyl and leather seats, rubber seals, stitching and decking.

All timber, raw or treated.
Indoor and outdoor furniture, chopping boards, boats & decking.

Once again the beeswax water proofs the timber, stops the mould and mildew on outdoor furniture and the oil conditions, which brings out the grains of the wood and rejuvenates the look of the furniture.

Bright’s Beeswax should be applied to outdoor furniture every 4 months, in direct sunlight, semi shade and indoor furniture every 6 months.

Additional information

Weight .168 kg
Dimensions 8.5 x 8.5 x 3.5 cm


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