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What people are saying about Brights natural beeswax moisturizing kream.

Dear Dorothy.
It is with great pleasure I am writing this reference to the product Bright’s Natural Beeswax.I have suffered with dry flaking skin all my life (I am 50yrs) I bought it for my hands but have also been using it on my face and neck of a night, and have found my embarrassing neck wrinkles are going away and a softness in my face and neck skin, I have never had before. My husband uses it on his face as well and he has been rubbing it into skin cancers on the back of his hand and now they have disappeared. Thoroughly recommend it.
Regards, Heather Sewell…..Wondai Qld

Dear Brights beeswax.
In Dec 2009 I attended the Highland Park skin cancer clinic to have an usual blemish checked and was told it was a carcinoma and had to be removed, requiring 8 to 10 stitches but being so close to Xmas had to wait till late January 10 for appointment.I had some of the beeswax and applied it 3 times daily to the cancer. I attended my appointment on January 29 and it has vanished completely. The doctor could not find any trace of the cancer.I am just writing to you to let you know and thank you for a great product. My 18 year daughter has now started using it and her acne has improved our of sight.
Peter Creasey …..Maudsland 4210

My husband had a severe rash on his legs and arms for years. Spent a fortune in that time with doctors, skin specialist and medication. Thanks to your wonderful product Bright’s Natural Beeswax Moisturizing Kream, the rash has just about gone.
From Chris Smith -Waratah – Tasmanian.

I have got some bug in my blood they can’t identify. It produces lumps on my legs, that itches like something terrible. ( The joys of being an ex plumber, drainer and septic tanks etc). Your kream is great. Far better than what the Doctors, have prescribed.
From T Williams – Tewantin – Sunshine Coast Qld.

I have a pot or your Bright’s moisturizing kream and have used it with some success (given to me by my daughter in Sydney). I have an ongoing skin problem and at this stage have established, I have an allergy to fragrance, balsam of peru and some other ingredients. I am pleased to say that your product has definitely helped my skin.
Thank you….B. James

What a great product you have! I have a 6 year old daughter that has eczema. I have tried lots of different moisturizing creams and fount a lot of them did nothing to help the skin. I have found Brights Moisturisng kream to absorb in to the skin and not stay on top, leaving a greasy feel. You can use it on your lips when they are dry and never stings little children when applied. It has also helped my hands, as I am a person who suffer from dry hands. I would truly recommend your product to any one with the same issues I have every day.Well done worth a try!!! Amanda Reed.

I have purchased some of this product recently. I suffer from psoriasis and have found that this works quite well in keeping it looking good. I am nearly our and was wondering if I would be able to order for 2 tins of this product for myself. Love it! … Raeline.

In 2007 I suffered a major chemical burn resulting in the loss of an eye and serve burns to my face. After spending considerable time in hospital with various treatments . I attended several specialists with disappointing results. I luckily found Brights natural beeswax moisturizer, which is the only product to give me relief. Not is it only a fraction of the dermatologist products, this actually WORKS. I recently returned to my dermatologist and he was quite impressed, although reluctant to admit, that this product was far superior, to the many treatments I had tried ( may be something to do with not needing a script). So in short I would like to say thank you.
Noel Anker

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